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About Us

The Business Saver Doesn’t Just Offer Great Rates, We Offer Great Support For Your Whole Business.

We believe every business in the UK should be able to meet the ever increasing demand to accept credit and debit cards, reliably and cost effectively. Cash is becoming less and less popular, in fact some places now ONLY accept card payments.

By Taking Card Payments you will increase your turnover by between 25% and 40%

Many Businesses are also paying too much for their Gas and Electricity – we have access to all the major suppliers, so we can guarantee to find you the best supplier based on your usage.

Simplicity & Reliability

Our card machines come with plug and play technology, making it easy to get started quickly. Our modern, reliable and secure card terminals come with free 24/7 support (phone, email and online) and next day terminal swap out.

Great rates

Our best-in-class transaction rates, zero MMSC (minimum monthly service charge) and low terminal rental means you control your card acceptance costs. Faster payments (same day settlement) ensures the money is in your
account sooner.


Real Time Reporting.

Receive Up-To-The-Minute online reports, charting every transaction with downloadable CSV Reports to reduce the time spent on Book-Keeping.


Gas and Electricity

By switching your Energy, you can save an average of over £930 per year.

We work with an array of carefully selected energy suppliers to ensure full access to the best prices available on the market. We use an Advanced energy quoting tool, which analyses and reviews all live prices from each supplier, to produce a recommended business electricity and/or gas tariff.

All you need to do is send us a copy of your existing Utility Bill and we will let you know how much you can save. We take care of everything for you, you wont see any break in service, or notice any difference, apart from a massively reduced bill.


Happy Customers

…and counting