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Merchant Account Support

Changing your Bank details

If you wish to change your bank details, you may also need to change the legal entity of your business, for example:

Changing from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company.

The easiest way to establish this is to check the account name on your bank account, e.g.

  • Miss J Smith or J Smith T/A Cup of Coffee international¬† = Sole Trader
  • Miss Julie Smith & Mr John Jeffries Sewing machines international =¬† Partnership
  • Julie Smith Limited = Limited Company

NB: We are not able to change your address details over the phone but if you are in any doubt over which form you need to complete, wish to change your bank details or change of entity as specified above, please contact Customer Services by completing the form below or calling 0161 635 1169 who will be happy to assist you.

Changing your Address

In order to change your address or bank details, you need to contact with the Subject line “Change of Address and <YOUR MID number>”

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