The Business Saver | Card Machines – Mobile
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Card Machines – Mobile

Mobile Machines

Accept Card Payments on the move.


A Mobile Card Machine runs off a rechargeable battery and uses a mobile phone type sim card, this enables it to connect to a GPRS signal anywhere in the UK

GPRS is better than 3g or 4g because it has a far greater coverage, it only uses a very small amount of data so it doesnt need the faster speed a 3g or 4 g connection will provide.

The SIM will actually connect to the Strongest Signal provider, you don’t need a mobile phone contract, there are no additional charges for the data used.

What are the benefits?

  • Take your business on the road. Ideal for mobile mechanics, taxi drivers, traders and exhibitions, our mobile card machines let you accept card payments whatever your location via a GPRS Sim Card
  • Connects via GPRS Intelligent roaming SIM
  • UK wide network coverage
  • Long battery life
  • Fully secure & PCI/DSS Compliant

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